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Fragments and links

Susana Solano y Simon Callery en Santa María de Bujedo

After having brought together the work of both artists on several occasions, both in projects in the gallery and in fairs, this time Susana Solano and Simon Callery come together in the unique setting of the Church of the Cistercian Monastery of Santa María de Bujedo de Juarros, in Burgos.

While Callery participates in this dialogue with two of his "flat paintings", Solano has created an ephemeral installation entitled "Fragments and links" conceived specifically for the site. 

Mariano Navarro points out in his text "Invitados pertinentes" that "certain biographical details link Susana Solano and Simon Callery. Her sculptural training and relatively early success. However, their origins are curiously inverse: Solano began her practice as a painter and moved almost immediately to sculpture. Callery, although he began with painting, had a fundamentally sculptural training, which he transferred immediately after graduating to painting".

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Simon Callery
London, 1960

British artist Simon Callery makes physical paintings. His works have an emphasis on materiality. Callery became a new addition to the artists represented in our gallery, with his first solo exhibition in Spain which we presented in 2021. His paintings are often made in direct contact with the hard surfaces of the urban environment or on location in the landscape. He has worked in collaboration with... Read more

Simon Callery
Red mantle, 2020
Canvas, tempera paint, string, thread and wood
220 x 180 x 25 cm
Susana Solano
Fragmentos y vínculos II - 2022
Cast bronze
Medidas variables
Simon Callery
Flat Painting Bodfari 14/15 Ferrous, 2014/15
Canvas, tempera paint, string, thread and wood
293 x 182 x 19 cm
Susana Solano
Barcelona, 1946

Barcelona-born Susana Solano began her artistic career with a brief journey into painting in the early 1980s that ended up taking her into the medium she has continued to work in ever since: sculpture. Her work is frequently linked to postminimalism, as well as to other Spanish sculptors like Julio González, Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida. Iron and wicker are common in her art, although... Read more