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“…I am drawn to places that are seemingly uninteresting, where time moves freely without following a predetermined path, and in which one is left to find ones balance like in a game of roulette when you have a lucky run. From this follows the wonderment of learning, understanding and appreciating this kind of place, which although perhaps ugly or bland, nobody else has paid any attention to. I believe it would be good to write about the subtle nuances of this idea. I have realised that if you are forced to stop, it is then that the magic comes: the sound, the colours, the palette, the smell of the earth, the people…” "…In the course of these past few years I have seen a number of changes in myself. I woke up and everything in the world had changed and I wasn’t sure if for better or for worse; but society had lost its interest in me and I in it. We both had lost our naiveté. Art cannot be appreciated if there is not a certain degree of ingenuity." Susana Solano. 2016
Voluta II. 2016. Acero inoxidable. 12 x 70 x 18,5 cm. Edición de 3
Full de ruta I. 2016. Acero inoxidable. 100 x 420 x 1 cm
Full de ruta II / Full de ruta III. 2016. Acero inoxidable
Mueca nº1. 2016. Acero inoxidable. 101 x 6 x 40 cm (Foto: Dirk Rose)
L´últim Sopar I. 2016. Acero inoxidable. 20 x 83,5 x 3 cm. Edición de 3
Descenso. 2016. Aluminio. 177 x 262 x 7,5 cm (Foto: Dirk Rose)
A Philip Guston V. 2012. Aluminio magnesio. 110 x 302 x 77 cm
Oro VII. 2001. Hierro galvanizado. 43 x 228 x 161 cm