Carlos Delgado Mayordomo talks about the #IRREGULAR exhibition by Rosalía Banet at the ABC Cultural


"With that funeral table where food does not nourish, but rather intoxicates, Banet links the decadent Roman banquets with contemporary gluttony, with its anguish and dissatisfaction, within an alienating and dehumanized system, characterized by its excesses and inequalities". This is how the critic Carlos Delgado Mayordomo speaks in the ABC Cultural supplement of Saturday May 21, about the current exhibition #IRREGULAR by Rosalía Banet, which can still be visited in our gallery until June 23.

Under the headline "Devouring Nature by Banet and Terroba", Carlos Delgado highlights this exhibition, together with that of Elisa Terroba, which under the title "Sedimentos" has also just been inaugurated at the La Gran gallery in Madrid.

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